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How to save space and make your room look larger with Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding Door Wardrobes Galway

At Premier Wardrobes we pride ourselves on having the creativity, skill and enthusiasm to undertake any job presented to us.

Between our love for the work and over twenty years experience under our belt we have developed a unique knack for workplace diversity.

Everything we create  is completely custom made to suit our client’s exact needs.  If you are looking for high quality Sliding Door Wardrobes in Galway we can look after all your needs.

How to Save Space & Make Your Room Look Larger

Sliding doors – save space and open possibilities

Sliding doors open unlimited possibilities for the diversity of a space. You can easily divide spaces and even create complex space solutions. With a sliding door you can also create space and make a smaller space larger.

By adding mirrors not only are they useful they also add luxury to your room making the room bright as the mirrors gather all natural light and reflect into other areas in the room.

A sliding door is not just a door, it can be much more. A sliding door is part of the interior design, a space enabler and part of a carefree everyday life.

More space inside, means more space outside

Put simply, when it comes to saving space with your wardrobe, just remember that any space saved inside your wardrobe will equal space saved outside your wardrobe.

With all of your clothes, shoes, tech and general clutter stashed away inside your wardrobe, you’ll naturally be left with more space in your room.

Custom made to suit your exact needs

Custom sliding door wardrobes are usually a crucial part of a bedroom since most of your dressing is carried out in front of the closet.  Sliding door wardrobes save space and make the rooms seem larger. They also provide decorative mirrors that can be beneficial while dressing up.

They can be made out of many different materials, including glass and traditional wood. You can choose glass that is coloured, frosted, or etched with beautiful designs. You can also choose many different looks for your sliding door wardrobes.

You will definitely find that there are many benefits to custom sliding door wardrobes.  If you are in need of more storage but you are lacking in space within your household, then a custom built wardrobe is ideal for you. Sliding Door Wardrobes are the most accommodating for small spaces, and depending on the size of the room, we can make one that suits your needs perfectly.

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