• Monday, Oct 28, 2019

Are sliding door wardrobes better?

Sliding wardrobes are ideal for compact rooms because they are essentially space-saving. Unlike hinged wardrobes, sliding wardrobes ensure that you don’t need to leave any space swinging open the door of the wardrobe.

Sliding doors, as their name implies, are movable doors that glide horizontally along metal channels fixed to the top and bottom of the wardrobe. Given their sleek, contemporary look sliding doors make a style statement. This type of door doesn’t require lots of room since it slides to the left or right. If you wish to choose a sliding door, do keep in mind that sliding doors work and look best when they’re you have at least three or more doors.

We think you’ll agree that sliding door wardrobes add an air of luxury to any room. Mirrored sliding doors can give you both style and functionality in one very easy-to-maintain package.

When it comes to space, a sliding wardrobe wins in the comparison against all other options. The reason is simply that it’s not just going to fit exactly into the space you want it to, it will also make the most out of the space.

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