• Wednesday, Oct 03, 2018

Take advantage of the space under your stairs

Unlock the hidden potential

Premier Wardrobes based in Galway offer an affordable range of custom built, under stairs storage specifically designed to fit and utilise all the awkward and empty spaces in your home.

Maximising your space like this allows you to remove clutter from other areas of the home. Our storage solutions are all bespoke, designed with your exact space and requirements in mind. We will ensure that every inch of available space is used.

Our under stairs units can be designed to meet your individual requirements and can be used to store a variety of items such as coat hanging, shoe racks, sports equipment etc. No more back bending required as the units seamlessly slide out to give you accessible storage space for everything from your shoes, kit bags and vacuum cleaner.

Historically, under stairs closets were mainly used for toilets and hanging clothes. This area is often ineffectively used, or just boarded up, but there are loads of innovative ideas on utilising this deceptively spacious area.

Ideas for Under Stair Storage

Under stairs storage can be a huge benefit to any home. We work to provide modern, custom storage solutions for our clients. Here are some of our ideas:

  1. Under Stairs Drawers â€“ Handleless doors are seamless with the design, you’d almost never guess there are so many convenient pull out drawers hidden behind those doors. The advantage, of course, of drawers is that they can be the full depth of the stairs and can be pulled out fully so every inch of space can be used.
  2. Pull Out Full Height Drawers â€“ These narrow ‘pantry type’ pull out shelving units are particularly suitable. Being narrow, there can be a number of them at varying heights to suit the stairs. As you can see, each item is easy to access and there’s lots of space.
  3. Reading Nook Under Stair Storage â€“ If there is sufficient space behind the stairs and particularly if the stairs is in a room rather than a hallway, it can be a very cosy space for a reading nook with shelves for books.

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